Who is a Professional Savvy Woman?

Who is a  Professional Savvy woman ?

 A woman with a strong personal brand who exhibits wit, self-confidence, verve, and high social intelligence characteristics of or befitting a profession or engaged in a profession; well-informed on how to communicate, look, and behave in any business environment; takes initiative regarding her career advancement; easily navigates through political landmines in the workplace.

Professional Savvy career blog is for the young professional woman, who wants to present her best self while seeking career advancement and visibility in the workplace. Professional Savvy career blog provides with tips, strategies and resources that will help you at work.
About Cindy

Cindy Pace, aka Professional Savvy Career Strategist, advises early and mid-level professional and corporate women of color to take charge of their own careers and authentically position themselves for better, bigger & bolder opportunities.


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    Thank you for this amazing site…it is definitely needed and I will bookmark it and refer to it frequently! Congrats on the launch.


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