“I want to help women be able to see themselves as powerful wherever they are…to understand that they can be influential at every level.”

It takes a lot more than technical mastery to advance to the upper echelons of Corporate America. You also need to master the “softer skills, “—credibility, competence, professionalism and influence. Unfortunately, many early to mid-career professional women aren’t privy or, aware of the importance of these skills and are quite often stunned to find their careers flat-lined, despite their credentials, technical know how and tireless work ethic.

Cindy Pace is determined to change that. As a highly credentialed global talent & leadership development professional and women’s leadership thought leader, Cindy is the brainchild behind a national movement to empower a segment of the population that is far too often underrepresented among corporate executive ranks—Diverse Women. A group that is often excluded from formal networks, lacks mentors and has fewer access opportunities for higher-visibility assignments.

Drawing on fifteen years of global corporate experience in the biopharmaceutical industry (which includes working alongside international business professionals at all levels, key thought leaders, CEOs and senior executives), Cindy developed her deep knowledge and understanding of the importance of navigating complex, challenging and competitive work environments, as well as her philosophy for what it takes to get ahead.

A sought after speaker, coach, facilitator, moderator and strategist for early-to-mid-level diverse career women, Cindy’s philosophy includes empowering women to master their mindset or “inner game,” so they are in a position to navigate the corporate game. She believes if this doesn’t happen they are less likely to position themselves for the “big, bold opportunities.”By working with two distinct audiences (early and mid-career), Cindy provides actionable strategies and blueprints for both showing them exactly what it takes to excel where they are. Therefore, has designed a signature talk for each audience.

From College to Corporate

Ideal for young women working in their first professional and corporate job who are ready to quickly gain insight the “unwritten rules” of the workplace. Among what they will learn:

  • How to navigate organizational politics and work culture clashes
  • How to develop an authentic personal brand
  • How to strategically build key skills through diverse work experiences


Winning at the Game: 5 Key’s to Unlock Career Success

Ideal for women who have been in the game for a while and are ready for a blueprint to help them to actively manage their career’s ascension.

  • Take ownership of the message you send before you speak
  • Ensure your work stays above the bar so you continue to gain more responsibility
  • Master the power of influence and perception management
  • Ensure that your skills and talents are seen by those who matter
  • Learn strategies for building a network of key people who help in your advancement

Cindy Pace wants to demystify the “unwritten rules for getting ahead.” Her inspirational and witty approach is combined with a level of transparency not often seen in the corporate arena. She candidly shares her trials, triumphs and first-hand accounts from the “trenches of Corporate America,” to enthusiastic audiences (nationwide) who are looking for savvy strategies for ascension.

Other requested topics include:

  • Breakthrough Career Strategies
  • Navigating Organizational Politics

If you are looking for a passionate, inspirational and relatable speaker, book Cindy Pace for your next event.

Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • Moderator,  HBA’s Metro From the Bench to Business
  • Panelist Speaker, Developing a Professional Brand – Columbia School of Business NY Alumni
  • Panelist Speaker, NYU Stern Women in Business Conference
  • Workshop Speaker and Facilitator, Compass Group Women’s Leadership Network
  • Facilitator/Speaker, Multicultural Women Pharmaceutical Town Hall
  • Mentor/Speaker, 100 Best Companies for Multicultural Women Conference
  • Panelist, Career Bootcamp, NYC
  • Speaker, Cool Women, Hot Jobs, Young Women’s Leadership School, East Harlem
  • Volunteer Speaker, Projecting a Professional Image, Dress for Success NY
  • Volunteer Speaker, 5Ps of Professional Savvy, LORE-El Women in Science, Stevens Institute of Technology

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What people are saying?

“What a “wake-up” call…I now know what it takes to become “professionally savvy” and build a network that works for me.”

“…I am even more motivated to continue to build my network. You helped me see the value in relationships and networking.”

“Thanks for putting the WOW factor into the program-feedback was excellent.”

“It’s unanimous – you were spot on yesterday!”

“Cindy Pace was superb and so on point with the direction we need to be moving in.”

“Thank you again for all your “very impactful” insights….You have certainly raised the bar for enhancing our corporate impact….You are a dynamic talent.”


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