Levo League at OfficeHours Interview with Cindy Pace


Recently I sat down with Levo League during Office Hours to share the importance of building a strong network among your colleagues. I emphasized the important role networks can have in your development as a leader and your development as an influencer. Check out the featured articleClick on photo to watch the video

About Levo League and Office Hours

Levo is the Latin root of the word “elevate”. Levo League is a social good startup designed to elevate young women in the workforce by providing the career resources needed to achieve personal and professional success.

Levo League’s Office Hours is a weekly, 30-minute video chat with extraordinary leaders. The live Q&A session grants you an exclusive inside look into the career path, lessons learned and personal advice from top leaders and experts – right from the comfort of their office.

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About Cindy

Cindy Pace, aka Professional Savvy Career Strategist, advises early and mid-level professional and corporate women of color to take charge of their own careers and authentically position themselves for better, bigger & bolder opportunities.

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