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The Go-To Career Resource for Women Getting Ahead@Work

Today’s career woman must be on top of her game to compete in our global business world. A big percentage of your credibility, competence, professionalism, will influence how you are perceived in the workplace by colleagues, staff, and clients. Even though you have worked hard to gain specialized training and expertise to advance in your job, performance counts for only 10% of career success. However, 90% depends on your professional image, personal brand, and visibility; your appearance, presence, ability to get along with others, work in teams, effectively communicate ideas and manage your reputation are key advantages to success in the workplace.

Professional Savvy, known as the go-to career advice resource for women getting  ahead at work, is geared to diverse early to mid-level professional and corporate women who are stuck in demotivating and unchallenging work and want to position themselves for better, bigger & bolder job opportunities. Whether you are a seeking visibility, career advancement, or entering the workforce, Professional Savvy career advice, featured articles, and workshops provides you with tips, strategies and resources that will help you:

  • Understand how a positive mindset is foundational to having confidence in yourself and abilities
  • Overcome fear and perfectionism
  • Develop a successful personal and career brand to STAND OUT AT WORK!
  • Project a powerful professional image
  • Overcome workplace micro-inequities and stereotypes
  • Gain insights on how to navigate corporate culture and politics
  • Enhance your personal impact and workplace effectiveness
  • Increase positive interactions with colleagues
  • Build balanced visibility in your company and community

Cindy Pace, Career Success Blogger and Founder/CEO of Professional Savvy

Cindy Pace is a highly credentialed global talent, diversity & leadership development executive and women’s leadership thought leader, whose primary mission is for women to realize their full potential and capabilities, create value and make an impact in their respective organizations and careers.  Cindy is fiercely committed to helping guide the careers of the next generation of women leaders, especially young women who lack access to information on navigating corporate politics, leveraging influential networks and designing an authentic career path.Her specialty is advising diverse  early to mid level professional and corporate women  decipher the “unwritten rules” in order to advance at work and obtain career success and satisfaction on their own terms by authentically positioning themselves for better, bigger & bolder opportunities at work. In her spare time, Cindy volunteers at the Young Women’s Leadership School in Harlem, serves as a mentor for Levo League, and works on completing her doctorate degree in Organizational Learning and Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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